Special Inspections

Special Inspections

AE Dynamics provides Special Inspection and Testing services for building projects within a two hour driving radius of our offices.  Special Inspection and Testing requirements for a given project are dictated by a combination of the building code requirements as well as local jurisdictional and design team project specific requirements.  Our experienced professionals provide inspection services for engineering projects that our firm has designed as well as those designed by other engineering firms.

Visual inspections for concrete, masonry, steel, and wood construction are provided.  In addition, AE Dynamics will typically assume the role of the Lead Special Inspector on our inspection projects.  In this role the entire inspection and testing process is managed for a project.  Our staff coordinates with our partners to provide material testing and field instrument testing services for all common building materials such as concrete, masonry, steel welding and bolting, asphalt, and soils.

Special Inspections and Testing are a key component to any successful commercial building project.  Performed properly these services will provide a high level of quality control and will help ensure that all parties involved assume the proper level of liability.

welded metal pieces outside
wooden ceiling beams
metal rebar
cinderblocks during a building construction

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