Shop Drawing Services

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Shop Drawing Services

AE Dynamics provides shop drawings for many specialty systems, and specializing in designing systems for the building envelope.  Storefront, Curtain Wall, Windows, Sunshades, Skylights, Glass Handrails, and Composite Panels are regularly drawn. Because of our diverse background in the entire building design process, our design professionals are able to consider how all of the critical building components interact with one another in order to provide a complete design.

Glass and Glazing Systems
Storefront, Curtain Wall, Windows

A core focus of AE Dynamics is the design of systems commonly found on the building facade. Shop drawings are regularly prepared for Storefront, Curtain Wall, Windows, and Composite Panels. AE Dynamics’ staff regularly partners with many of the major product manufacturers.

Interior & Specialty Systems
Handrails, Sunshades, Panels, Glass Walls

Our experience with the entire building process allows us to design and draw specialty systems that few others can.  Our schedule routinely includes drawings for exterior wall panels, glass handrails, windscreens, sunshades and canopies, interior glass doors and partitions, decorative trims, and many other specialty systems.

Work With Us

Whether you are looking for a design partner, want to be a part of our team, or have general inquiries, we want to hear from you.